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Vacuum pump oil after troubleshooting method

Update Time :2017-02-22The view :1628

Vacuum pump oil after troubleshooting method

1) pump outlet injection phenomenon

Too much oil to reduce the amount of oil added

Intake air for a long time should be avoided;

2) pump outlet fog phenomenon:

Check the air intake and other parts of the leak

3) low vacuum:

If the pump cavity and oil mixed with other light liquid, should be running for a period of time after the new oil

Check whether there is leakage of the seal parts of the pump

Check the instrument

4, oil diffusion pump, booster pump oil change notice:

Selection of good quality oil;

The oil shall pour out all the old oil;

The use of gasoline or special cleaning agent for cleaning all the parts inside the pump, and with acetone or diethyl ether dry, dried in the oven, hair dryer is also available;

The installation of pump and parts according to the original position, nozzle should be in the pump cavity in the middle

The operator should wear white gloves degreasing assembly, according to the requirements of the amount into the diffusion pump oil or oil booster pump;

5, the problems arising from the use of diffusion pumps and removal methods:

1) low vacuum:

Check vacuum;

Check whether the cooling water, water temperature is high;

Is there any blockage in the cooling water pipe;

Electric power is too large or too small;

Low supply voltage;

Incorrect assembly of nozzles;

Incorrect gauge control;

Abnormal instrument or wire;

Vacuum system leakage;

Long term use of residual coating is too thick;

2) caused by improper operation of the rapid oxidation of oil, that is red or black:

Check the job is to forget to open the cold water;

There is a serious leakage of vacuum system;

Diffusion pump in the atmosphere into the diffusion pump;

There is volatile gas or dust inside the pump chamber.