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Overview of external rotor axial fan

Update Time :2017-02-22The view :1454

(1) classification of external rotor axial fans

YWF series outer rotor axial fan is divided into two types: single phase asynchronous capacitor operation and three phase asynchronous operation. Single phase capacitor running motor is 120V, 60Hz or 220-240V, 50/60Hz, three-phase asynchronous motor is 380V, 50/60Hz. We can also produce according to customer requirements of different voltage, frequency motor.

According to the different diameter of fan impeller, there are thirteen types of external rotor axial flow fan from 200mm to 900mm. The number of blades has 5 pieces, 7 pieces of material with low carbon steel and plastic material, blade angle of a variety of wide range of options.

According to the different wind direction, the blower also has the blowing or suction. Suction wind by wind leaf to the net cover by wind direction; blowing wind direction of leaf net cover. In addition, according to the degree of concave convex of the outer rotor end line, the utility model can be used as a blowing or sucking wind, a concave suction wind, and a blowing device.

According to the different protection levels, can be divided into IP54, IP44 and fully open axial fan. IP54 axial flow fan, mainly used for equipment, refrigeration evaporator, air cooler, chiller and condensing unit; IP44 axial flow fan, mainly used in central air-conditioning, heat pump, heater, dehumidifier and air circulation etc.. Full open axial flow fan, mainly used for air purifiers and other clean environment, humidity is not on the ventilation equipment.

According to the different characteristics of the fan, can be divided into a net cover, without mesh cover two kinds of net cover with flat type, net cover with flat type, flat type, concave net type, wall flat net type and wall shaped concave net type, etc.. Installation way type, cylindrical circular frame, wind guiding panel (cylindrical), air duct type.

According to customer demand, we can produce single speed, double speed, three speed motor.

(two) product application

YWF external rotor axial fan has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency. The products are widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, office buildings, theaters and other facilities, equipment or the refrigerator freezer as for ventilation and heat dissipation. (for example, with the supermarket freezer refrigerator, ice machine, cold machine, cold water machine, condensing unit and other refrigeration equipment or facilities, and dehumidifier, evaporator, wall fan, fire fan, central air-conditioning fan and other equipment for use).

At the same time, according to the different installation methods, there are different applications:

The air duct type: building facilities for indoor ventilation.

The wind guide panel type: for air cooler, evaporator, air conditioning, radiator, dehumidifiers and other occasions

Type: with the use of heaters, electric welding machine, low temperature box, air conditioning module machine, central air-conditioning outdoor unit and other ancillary equipment for ventilation, kitchen and toilet, bathing places, bars, hotels, opera and refrigeration and freezer supporting the use of.